Casting Bread

When our studio was told to spend a week just experimenting with materials, my first thought was bread.

I’ve always enjoyed making my own bread to eat, and to me it seemed like a material ripe for exploration. It’s kind of alive (because of the yeast), elastic, can combine with itself, develops a hard crust and a bubbly interior, and was sturdy enough to be handled.

As I started experimenting, I realized that bread is secretly a rebel. If you put it in its a standard bread pan, it’ll take the shape of the pan and you’ll get a nice rectangular loaf. But when you give it a little freedom, it’ll do what it wants. And that’s what I wanted. I wanted to let the bread express itself. So my goal was to create a formwork that supports the bread, but doesn’t contain it, plop some pieces of dough in, and let it do its own thing. What you see are the results of that experiment.

The first experiments.

The latest iterations, in wood and plaster, from me and a studiomate.

Sections of the final iterations.


Click HERE for the Instructable!


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