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This 1.5’x3’x6′ box is a study of materials and the solid/void relationship.

Basswood and rockite morph together to form a box, an exploration with many outcomes.


iteration 01


For my initial study, I endeavored to make the materials not seem like what they are.  This is my first time pouring rockite for a project, so this trait is more successful with the basswood, though it has room for improvement.




iteration 02


The goal for the second iteration was to fabricate an object that more closely resembled a box.  I made the formwork for the rockite so the edges of the boxes are defined, creating voids within the object.  This further demonstrates the solid/void relationship.


section box.jpg

final section, 1:1



bryan lee’s interpretation

final section and interpretation, 1:1 by bryan lee

Bryan followed the instructable rather well, and his exploration of this process led his interpretation to more closely resemble a box [a criterion of this project] than mine did.  Another thing I admire from Bryan’s attempt is how he accidentally made it seem like the rockite is taking over the basswood, a feat I did not accomplish.





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