Plaster & Wood Material Study


This material study is a 1.5″ by 3″ by 6″ plaster and walnut block. My intention was to create an object with a smooth exterior shell, revealing a textured surface within. The undulating negative space was created by casting plaster with laminated laser-cut wooden panels.img_20170112_174306782_hdr

I used Rhinoceros to model the block and create the laser-cut file. I created an outline along the edge of the block. I created a curved surface along these lines, and made contours of this
surface to be used to cut the 1/16″ wooden panels. I also created a cut file for the 1/8″ walnut cutfileexterior block boundary.

After the wood was cut, I arranged the panels within a rectangular base. On my first iteration, I glued the panels together, but this method made it difficult to remove from the plaster. On my third iteration, I cut out new formwork and put it inside the base without gluing it together. img_20170112_235246734-1Instead, I used duct tape to hold the formwork in place.

After letting the plaster dry, I removed the formwork and used super glue to attach the walnut panels to the exterior of the box.

Here is a link to my Instructable!

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