San Francisco

Minnesota Street Project

I have worked on adaptive reuse projects in three of my previous studios, so I loved the interplay of the building’s industrial past and artistic present. There is a clear distinction between old and new construction, but it’s not overwhelming.


Parking Garage

I wanted to imagine an interesting section through the WRNS-designed parking garage. At least it didn’t leak.


Cathedral of Christ the Light

This building’s double facade creates an incredible type of life. This space works best during services, during which I stand awkwardly in the back while everybody else walks up to receive a communion wafer.



CV Starr East Asian Library

This was my favorite building which we visited on our trip. I loved all of the materials that were used, I loved the exterior screens, I loved the skylight, and most of all I loved the incredible central staircase, which let light through the whole building and moved up and down in a deceptively complex way.



SFMoMA Lobby

The main feature of this building is the central lobby. I’ve seen pictures of it before the renovation, and I much preferred the original staircase. However, the new circulation stairs on the other side of the building are very nice. At least the skylight was nice.


SFMoMA Terrace

Unfortunately, because Californians have forgotten what rain is, the outdoor terraces were closed on our visit, so we couldn’t look at any exterior sculptures or the garden wall. The last time I went to San Francisco (last quarter), we visited the new Apple store at Union Square, which has its own large green wall. This one, even from afar, seemed more impressive.





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