San Francisco

Minnesota Street Project: I thought the roof on this building was very cool, and I liked how bottom edges of the roof planes met in the  middle of the spaces, opposed to the top edges. It worked well with the middle of the space being a place for gathering, and the slopes of the roof opened up towards the gallery spaces. The sketch drawing shows how the air ducts follow the slopes of the roof, and how the truss systems keeps the roof up.


560 19th Street: Our site is in a very interesting location as it is adjacent to what will soon be Crane Cove Park.. The cranes will work at great pieces in the park to represent the positives of adaptive reuse and the industrial history of Dogpatch. The sketch drawing takes a large section through the site and shows the large slope.


The Cathedral of Christ the Light: This building handled light in a beautiful way, and I liked how in this chapel space, the light from the outdoors was diffused through reverse-clerestory windows as a way of providing light to hung paintings.


C.V. Starr East Asian Library: I liked the interesting way that the roof diffused light into the library spaces. The center of the library was kept open and this allowed natural light to travel all of the way down to the lowest floor of the building.


San Francisco Ferry Building: I was very interested in the truss system that was used in the Ferry Building. The trusses follow the path of a semi-circle, and give a very organic feel to something that normally would look very geometrical.


Sequence by Richard Serra: This piece was very interesting in terms of scale, being one of (if not the largest) pieces featured in SF MoMA. I liked the way that the direction of the walls change as you walk though the piece, while the size of the path generally remained the same. This creates different lighting conditions throughout that can evoke different feeling.


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