Day One

Our first visit was to the Minnesota Street Project. The project promoted public interactions with art which I found to be absolutely beautiful. The project was open to all which was emphasized in the open architecture within. I focused on analyzing circulation through section. These circulation points were very experiential and dynamic, although it seemed to be lacking in accessibility. These experiences are hidden to some although they are viewpoints.


Day two

On day two we were able to analyze two projects focused on light. We visited the Church of Light which strategically allowed light creating a unique experience. The other project we visited was the CV east asian library which strategically used light as well, allowing light to highlight the main circulation. The library has a moment of circulation which when analyzed in section is dynamic. The influence of light and form of this circulation creates it’s own experience. The moment seems to also influence the rest of the library as well.


Day three

The main highlight of our last day was the SFMOMA. This museum also had a beautifully designed circulation moment. The main stairs were influenced by the form of the building creating a changing experience. These stairs were further highlighted by light and contrast in materiality. Like our other visits, stairs were hidden to those unable to use them.


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