San Francisco Field Trip

Our studio spent three days in the San Francisco Bay Area over this past weekend. My favorite parts of this trip were visiting BAMPFA, the AutoDesk Gallery, and SF MOMA, as well as the tour of WRNS Studio. We saw some amazing architecture, modern art, and design projects, made sketches, ate a lot of great food, and got design inspiration for our upcoming project.


On Saturday, we went on a walking tour of the Dogpatch and Mission Bay neighborhoods in San Francisco. During this tour, we visited our site on Illinois St. in Dogpatch. Before that, we went to an art gallery called The Minnesota Street Project. We also visited IwamotoScott, an architecture firm in the same neighborhood. I enjoyed walking around the city and getting a chance to see the new construction and adaptive reuse projects.



On Sunday, we went to Berkeley. In the morning, we visited the Cathedral of Christ the Light. In the afternoon, we went on a tour of UC Berkeley, stopping at the new Asian Pacific Library and Music Library. We also stopped by their architecture building. I enjoyed having the chance to see where they work. We ended the day with a trip to BAMPFA, a museum featuring art and film. The art in the galleries was thought-provoking, and the building itself includes many elegant design solutions. I was intrigued by the skylights embedded in the ground that bring light to the basement of the museum.



On Monday, we were back in San Francisco. We started at the Ferry Building, made our way to the AutoDesk gallery, and then on to SF MOMA. The last activity was a visit to WRNS Studio, an architecture firm based out of San Francisco. Monday was my favorite day–the firm visit was informative and inspiring, and the artwork at SF MOMA was thought-provoking. I wish I could go back and see more!




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