Section (not) Plagiarism


I love this section because I also want to use watercolors in my section drawing, and this shows a way of doing so that’s not just one color per room, but a thoughtful blending of shades, hues, and tones. However, I want to draw my section on the computer and scan in my watercolors.


I love this section because it shows an absolutely massive amount of information, in a way that’s still legible. There’s entourage, background, site, annotation, and “flavor” that exists less as a representation of real life and more as a way of conveying an emotion. I also like that the poche is yellow rather than black.


I love this section because I love the idea of setting a translucent series of images on top of one another. Although there are other sections that did this as well, this was the only which used transparency paper as opposed to a modeling technique. And since it is translucent, rather than transparent, there is an added sense of depth.

One thought on “Section (not) Plagiarism

  1. A couple things to learn from that first section, if you are using (scanned) watercolors to create atmosphere in your sections: 1) White poche is key here, because it creates contrast from everything else. Bright yellow or something else that “pops” may also work here if your watercolors are not that vibrant or heavy, but make sure you have sufficient contrast. 2) Clearly delineated linework is double-key here, because it prevents the watercolors from looking washed out or muddy. You still want this to be a DRAWING. 3) Characters in this section drawing are not crisply drawn and don’t contrast enough with watercolor–you’d want them to be digital as well.


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