1 2 3 Sections


1_ the main reason I picked this section is due to the fact that the section is fully populated and even though the section itself is not labeled in any manner, we are still able to figure out a general gist of the programming happening in the building.section_2

2_ this section does a great job conveying the light quality within the building due to the medium that this section was drawn with. although the program within the section is hard to make out, the mood within the building is clearly expressed with the dramatic shading.section_3

3_ although not adventurous or innovative in any way, this section is a textbook example of how a decent section should look. the line weight is easily distinguishable from a distance with the elevation of the interior shown behind the section cut to give us some idea of what this building could possibly hold. enough shading is included within the section to make it interesting to look at as well and for it to start conveying the light quality within the building.section_4

bonus_ props to whoever drew this section, although it looks like a overly modulated building interior, the way the section cut was done with pure negative spaces allowed the positive spaces (the actual program areas) to pop and draw our attention to that instead.

One thought on “1 2 3 Sections

  1. Section #2 might not be splashy in terms of color, but I think it’s a beautiful section (my favorite of the four shown here). The more I look at it, the more I appreciate the variety of spaces, the way the roof is articulated to create space and bring light into them, and the quiet sense of depth that comes from grayscale shading.


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