post by fernando astiazaran
fifth-year section indoctrination


mixed media


The drawings I found more compelling were the hand-drawn sections.  This one underscores the detail of the engine, which is what makes the van, a van.  Lineweights and poche are beautiful and very clear.


This one takes good advantage of the poche of the mountain encasing the space.


I’ve seen this type of section drawing before, and what I love about this iteration is the clean distinction of the white poche, accentuating the sketches of the spaces within.


In my opinion this set of drawings is not the best composition-wise, but the student did a decent job with the amount of space he was granted.  The different scales in this drawing really dig deep into detail, and I found myself going back and forth looking at all the drawings to dissect the relationship between the part and the whole.


I enjoy the contrast of the light and dark poche, something I might utilize for my section drawings.

For a good laugh, watch this video, the second part of the adventures of Thor and his roomate.

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