5th Year Section Aspirations

The 5th years made some incredible sections for this show. It was really hard to just choose three – a ton I wanted to steal off the wall and hang in my room but that I imagine that is generally frowned upon.

Here are a few that I thought I could most directly apply to my own section:



This building seemed nondescript at first glance, but I really appreciated the layering and texture this person created for their in-building forest. I want to create a similar level of atmosphere and layering in my own bio-element. Also they show soil. Which is cool.


I thought this person captured atmosphere in a beautiful way. Their attention to light and shadow make the section read well from far away. Their light elevation details pull the viewer closer. Making the poche white encourages me to focus on the negative space of the building.


I loved this one. The line weights read nicely – extremely dark poche and delicate elevation lines. It also tells a specific story with the forms of the entourage. It reads well in a graphic way and is playful.


So awesome! All the hard work put into these section is pretty evident. And most importantly communicates a lot about their central thesis ideas. Stoked for their reviews.

One thought on “5th Year Section Aspirations

  1. Soil is a character! As is a forest. I like the layered transparency approach for both of these. And using white poche to focus on the negative space for the forest and other spaces is a good idea.


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