Sections Sections Are So Fun

a post about taking inspiration from the fifth year section show (read: how to steal cool things other people have done and use them to make my stuff just as cool their’s.)



This section managed to use textured gradient without distracting from the linework; instead it us helps understand the context of the project. I would like to explore this technique of using a textured gradient in my section to describe the spaces inside of my building.



I really like the way this section handled the use of ground poché. It does a really good job of framing the project in a subtle way. The use of exploded axon in conjunction with the section perspective is also done in a clear way that is both graphically appealing and informative about the project.



This section stood out to me because of the extremely subtle contrast in the sky and ground planes that serves to draw complete attention to the building itself. The bright colors used for the structure not only pair really well with each other, but form a contrast with the background that makes seeing the spatial conditions of the project really easy. I would like to play with this idea in a programmatic diagram.


Now time to go make my sections cool!


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