At the 5th year section show I was drawn towards sections that incorporated vegetation and utilized a similar color palette (black, grays, greens) and graphic style as me. Two of the sections here are hand-drawn and one is digital. img_3628

1. I chose this section was for its method of describing how vegetation defines interior spaces and how interior spaces are annotated clearly and cleanly. People provide a sense of scale. I would like to add a greenhouse-like feature to my project and the graphic style of this section, in regards to structure and envelope, is clear. I am curious as to what cooling strategies are integrated to keep these spaces cool.


2. I chose this section because I really enjoyed the detail inset as well as the color palette and minimalist graphic style of the drawing. I also appreciated the attention to the details of the envelope of this concept.


3. This section consisted of a series of layers of tracing paper that, together, show an intriguing idea of modular pods suspended from a platform on which lies greenhouses housing gardens and produce.

One thought on “Section|Show

  1. Good point about color–you want to maintain a fairly limited and muted color pallette in order to let your key characters (such as vegetation and light) “pop”. The second section is also a good reminder that it may be nice to use a range of complementary green/yellow colors, rather than a single diagrammatic green, to give the drawing a richness and also potentially differentiate different purposes or types of vegetation in the project (hydroponics vs. algae vs. raised bed vegetable gardens vs. fruit trees).


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