Spirit in Section

spirit_section_02   I like the way that the spaces are configured in pods coming off of continuous floor plates. I can see how the “pods” could function as separate spaces, or that they could potentially be connected by circulation of similar organic geometry creating a contrast between the rectilinear spaces in the center and the organic spaces on the periphery. This idea is an idea I have been mulling over but have not implemented successfully… yet. I am moving towards an idea of private spaces being connected by a more experiential volume(s).

spirit_section_01  The organization of space in this section is very clear. With the central atrium, one can see the visual connection through the building. I also appreciate the graphic style, although some of the text is too transparent to easily be understood. The colors work well together to create a light atmosphere and the colored poché can be easily understood. With my sections, I also want to achieve a style that reads as light with bold color.

spirit_section_03   This project, similar to my first, juxtaposes the organic with the rectilinear which is what I am slowly striving for. I was particularly inspired by the way that space is defined within the organic volumes. One organic space is broken up by separate floors. I have been designing in such a way that each shape I use is defining one program, this section helped me realize that is what I have been doing but not meaning to do. I will use this idea in my next iterations of the project.


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