I Slept 13 Hours

Mid-Review was an interesting endeavor. The weekend working up to mid-review, I realized that my program was still sparse, and I spent countless hours trying to further deign and develop my thoughts to little avail. Going into mid-review, I was already a little stressed and concerned about how the whole concept would be received.

Overall I think the review went well. One of the comments was about the integration of the public within the building. I have this great residency, and my goal would be to have the residency end in a “pop-up” shop that sells and shares the discoveries with the average consumer. However, it was commented that the architecture may not be conducive for such ideas or further integration. The project thus far felt like a warehouse typology and as a result it feels more closed off to the public. Teddy commented that many of the buildings in Dogpatch function in this manner: its a warehouse on the exterior and you walk down a long, concrete, fluorescent lit hallway and have to open a door to see the magic. The magic should be visible from the exterior and their should be a visual and physical connection to the site around us. This lead to a discussion about how the facade could be carved away to create moments of interest and dive into the building.

Another comment was a concern about site circulation. The beauty of a section is you can get away with ignoring points of your project that are underdeveloped, and moving forward I know this is something I need to work on. I also had massive void space in the transverse section (which I don’t think is a route that I want to take), and I need to craft an argument for the additional voids in the project.

Moving forward, I want to continue to develop and expand my program to include more public spaces and program and “anchor” programs for the residency. I also believe that some work or studies in plan will help further develop my project.

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|  Models  |


Massing Model


Section Model

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