The feedback from mid-review was pretty helpful. In terms of my concept, it received mostly-good feedback. My one kind of main suggestion in terms of the concept is to get the statistics of how many startup companies actually exist in San Francisco. If its low, it might be possible that the project would not work. But with the idea of the co-working cafe, I need to establish more of an emphasis on how the facility itself could be the place to foster new companies, opposed to the idea that a facility like this would not work without the existence of a large amount of non-profit startups.

Form-wise, I was told that I needed to respond to the site more. In terms of pedestrian access, ECS, cars, etc., how can the form of the building respond better to the site? Some more comments were about the floor levels, most specifically about a lack of interplay between levels, with each level remaining pretty stagnant and separated. This also calls into question the placement of housing. How can the housing be modified to create a better connection to the rest of the facility? Is having small, cramped apartments really a good idea? How can the form respond to sound?

For environmental response, there were quite a few comments about housing placement as it creates a wind tunnel. This needs to be changed to provide a more comfortable courtyard. In terms of the two single-loaded rows of apartments, what changes can I make to better manage light? How can I make all apartments equal to where they all have good lighting?

For a self-criticism, I definitely felt like my form was not as developed as I would have liked it to be. While I felt like my section was effective, not all of the reviewers did, so I need to make some representative modifications to ensure that my ideas are passed along clearly. I need to think more about how the facility functions on all sides, and how it interacts with the site at an experiential level.




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