Midreview // Mattingly

The main criticism of my project was that the future I described would not breed creativity like I had planned. Without work, people would become lazy and dystopian, rather than creating a utopian society of art and creativity. But after the discussion, it was clear that this problem could be fixed by the building itself. Something that Doug brought up was the book Homo Ludens, which called for play to push creativity. Brent spoke about how the school system is pushing creativity out of the population, so there is a need to infuse it back into society, especially as the future I have created will remove the need for labor.

In moving forward, the clearest path forward look to be capitalizing on the light shafts to create more uniquely human experiences. The elevator shaft can start to connect things sectionally, creating spaces that change in order to force workers, inhabitants, or guests to be creative in how they traverse the building. I definitely need one or two more of these concrete ideas in order to fully flesh out the concept. But in all, these would create a space that at the surface is pushing towards the labor free future, but underneath, is preparing the human race to be able to deal with a life without hardship.


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