Previously on Mid-Review…

During midreview, I got a lot of feedback to help my project move forward. It seemed though that my project was lacking in 3 areas: a major pull factor for my residents to move in, a grand space that reach many areas throughout the project, and lastly how the home experience would different from resident to resident.

First, I need to spend more time thinking about my overall concept. What is it the drives people/families to live in my building? It will definitely cost more to love within the city, so what about my building is pulling families to this community? Is it a program or feature of my community that is very appealing? Is it perhaps in the future, maybe after the release of some new technological device or perhaps a natural disaster that drive people to the city. I need to plan this out more thoroughly

One big draw factor could be this monumental community space, dubbed as “The Octopus”. Currently I have this large atrium space that contains a playground. My next steps will be expanding this space out and up. The core will be decked out with kid interaction structures (rock walls, rope swigs, jungle gyms) and this will lead to smaller community spaces that have the same fun environment. I hope this will help the residents and the community interact more if these community spaces carry on throughout the project.

Finally, I am planning on looking into my housing units more. I need to think about the different type of residents living here. It could be individual makers living alone or a family of four. They will require different living spaces, different amenities, and different levels of privacy. I also would like to incorporate the fun kid aspect into them as well. Along side this, I need to see how I can create community spaces within the housing levels. How can I create spaces outside of the house that will promote interaction between residents and the public.

I think mid review went will for me. I described my concept well and expressed what my goals were for the project. On the contrary, I wish I had more models to describe my concepts better though; trying to explain everything mainly through a digital presentation made it kind of difficult to explain the overall form and relation to the site. I am excited to move forward with my work and I plan to include all the ideas given to me!


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