Review of the Middle Kind

Part One: The Crit

The critique that the jury offered me a lot to build upon and think about. Making my central chimney a central feature that can actually be experienced is a intriguing way to depth to my current scheme. It would also add an opportunity for the makers to see each others’ workspaces and as a means of generating ideas. A visual connection between the spaces is something that is lacking, and I think it is  worth exploring as a means of furthering the way my narrative manifests itself spatially.

Something that I have not yet had the chance to focus is the housing scheme of the project, and I think the jury also helped give me ideas about ways to have it be a more integrated part of the design.

Finally I think I need to start thinking a little more three-dimensionally. How do these spaces interact with each other outside of this section that I have been concentrating on. The above strategies will definitely help me explore this idea, but I also need to take into consideration the light and heat qualities of the spaces when I consider this.


Part Two: The Slides


Part Three: The Models

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