The Playground-1/2

presentationpresentation2presentation4presentation5presentation6presentation7presentation8presentation9presentation10presentation11presentation15presentation14presentation13presentation12img_2138img_2132img_2143While I was creating the deliverables i was constantly critiquing myself on how I had not developed my project as a whole. There seemed to be weak spots of development of my project that were refraining me from fully understanding it. There were stronger points that had been driving and forming my project. The integration of these points was particularly developed architecturally.

The driving thought in my process was this idea of exploring and playing integrated into learning. Learning and understanding is an integral part of our lives. Kids should be inspired by their surroundings to learn. I tried to continually voice in every decision I made. The reviewers understood this element of fun and curiosity in my project. My play piece that flows throughout the building is a defining point. It iterates the idea of exploring and encourages children to visit it.

The reviewers focused on this point and encouraged me to keep on exploring this idea. They grasped quickly how I was integrating the fun into the project through this piece. They understood that I was still in development and gave suggestions on how to move forward with the structure. They seemed to be interested in how exactly this piece works in particular. While designing I was trying to show how the different functions were reflected in the density of the structure. The reviewers built upon this idea saying how the piece could change accordingly. What parts of the piece are occupiable and what parts are not, and how do I define this?

They also suggested moving forward with different iterations that began to define where exactly these pieces are located. I think one of the most important points was how the program interacts with this piece. Does the piece flow with the rest of the building by becoming walls and floors? Or does it differentiate? And how is it integrated into the structure of the building? As I progress I need to define the piece further and answer these questions. I’m going to explore how this piece is continuously changing.

The strongest feedback I received was in understanding how this building actually worked. They seemed to be enthusiastic in my concept, both in thesis and design which has motivated me to continuously understand how everything comes together.

As I move on I need to understand how the piece works, accurately. I think the most helpful tool will be my computer as I progress. Which as the reviewers said, would be one of my next steps. I also think creating different iterations by hand in the next few days will further help in my development.

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