thoughts on midreview

Jury’s Thoughts

Overall, the jury responded pretty positively to my thesis, which I was very excited about. They seemed to enjoy the sort of Biosphere/habitat way of calling my spaces, and it felt like they wanted that sort of naming to be incorporated into the spaces themselves. Umut commented that my use of the word “creativity” itself  could be better developed, since in a sociological sense I sometimes misused it. I could definitely look back at my creativity research and either provide my own definition of creativity for the sake of the project, or make distinctions between the term creativity in sociology and what I mean, or something to that effect.

The general comment I received regarding my building was that I was trying to do too much and solved very little. Michael thought my form was incomplete since there were too many gaps in the model to read as a cohesive, complete building, which I definitely agree with. In general, they said my design had too many actions, such as carving out spaces, while creating undulating ceilings/forms within the spaces.

My Thoughts

I’m kind of excited to expand on my thesis. I think more research on creativity will help, and I already have a few bits and pieces of information that I think now have become more relevant and I can’t wait to include them! I’m also very relieved that they supported the thesis in general, since I was getting worried that the purpose of my building might have been too generic. But they caught on to my enthusiasm, and hopefully I can carry that enthusiasm on to the building!

As for the building, I’m a lot more lost in that sense. I feel like the jury had mixed responses to certain things, like how Umut really enjoyed the dynamism of the model but thought all the curves weren’t necessary, but Clare loved the dynamism of the curvy spaces. And Michael was just altogether confused by my model/form. I think the best way to move forward that they suggested was by focusing more on the habitats I’m creating, really develop them and figure out how they can interact, including focusing on “hybrid” spaces where the habitats meet. These hybrid spaces sound really interesting so I can’t wait to dive into that!

My Presentationpresentation_images_page_01presentation_images_page_03presentation_images_page_04presentation_images_page_05presentation_images_page_06presentation_images_page_07presentation_images_page_08presentation_images_page_09presentation_images_page_10presentation_images_page_11presentation_images_page_12presentation_images_page_13presentation_images_page_14presentation_images_page_15presentation_images_page_17presentation_images_page_18presentation_images_page_19

My Models

These next two weeks are going to be crazy!!

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