Midrev-whoops and midrevi-oops

My biggest reaction to the midreview is that I have been more focused on the idea of a building than a building itself. I haven’t really developed much of its form and spatial qualities, other than knowing what general programs I want there. At the time of the midreview, I only really knew that the programs were rectangular blocks. This is supposed to be the first step in assigning a program in a building, not the last one, so I still have a while to go in figuring out which specific programs I want in my building, what they look like, and how they relate to each other spatially. My presentation didn’t go very well, but a lot of that is because I spent too much time talking about the opening manifesto and not enough time talking about the architecture. Some of the ideas that I want to get across might be more suitable to a research paper than a slideshow. I should try to condense my ideas so that they are as succinct as possible while remaining understandable. Also I should try to work on the form of my building I guess…



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