Similar to other quarters, I’ve found myself with a story I want to tell without a building to tell it with. From how the review went, it sounded like my jury agrees with me as well. Overall, I think the review went pretty well, I wasn’t surprised by any of the feedback that I received, but I did get a handful of helpful comments and directions that I could look into further as I develop my project.

One of the crucial feedback comment that I got was to create visuals that really reflected the ideas I was trying to convey and being very particular with the small details that I choose to include in my presentation. Even though I included ideograms of what I image my spaces to be like with a small description, they found that the description and the visuals didn’t always match up as well as it could have. Since I already have a very concise presentation, I think I should pay more attention to what I include in future presentations in order to deliver my ideas in the most effect fashion.

Another feedback that I generally got was to expand my horizon and do more research on the possibilities of different prosthetic related enhancements such as exo-skeletons and such. I think I got this comment due to my repetitive use of only arms and legs in my ideograms and lack of explanation when I talked about the “prosthetic” that were to be manufactured in this institution. In addition to that, they all agreed that maybe I should do more research in to both the grafting element that I talked about as well as the possibility of prosthetic.

Essentially- What is a prosthetic? What are the implications it has on us as humans? How will it change and morph architecture as the people are changing?

First steps that I think I’ll take as I move forward is to fully understand what it is that I want to accomplish with this project that I’ve set up for myself. The lack of model building is also one reason I feel like I’ve been struggling at arriving at a form of some kind that speaks of the narrative ideas that I have. So model building is also close to the top of my list. Finally, in order to organize my thoughts that are honestly all over the place and keep myself on track, I should either make diagrams or figure out an end goal to keep myself on track and base my designs off of. Hopefully I’ll have a functioning building design after these changes to my design process.

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