Next Steps

I got a lot of great feedback during my mid-review. I feel like I am moving in a good direction with my live/make concept and program, and I’m excited to do more research on hackerspaces, the DIY ethic, collectivism, and other topics that are connected to this. I have a good idea of who is going to use this space, and what they will be doing there. I am not feeling as confident about the building itself. At this point, it seems to be a container for my program & concept, rather than an expression of it. I will be working and modeling this weekend to make my building more expressive of my concept. 

In my presentation, I expressed that I would like to create an open and connected workspace, where people are encouraged to interact with one another. I need to do some work to make sure the building is working to support that concept. The workspaces can be more connected to each other, and more connected to the living spaces.

The reviewers mentioned that I should take a look at these two projects:

Park Tower by LTL Architects


I like the concept of integrating transportation in the Park Tower project. Since my project features a bicycle repair lab, I would like to see if I can incorporate playful bicycle circulation into my design.

Peckham Library – London, UK 

Initially I found this building very strange, but I like the use of skylights and the daylighting strategy, despite what I consider to be an awkward massing.

Here are some questions I am considering to help push my design forward over the coming weeks:

  1. How can we create an open, accessible, and safe place to live and work?
  2. How can we encourage people to learn how to manufacture and repair the objects & tools that they use every day?
  3. How can we encourage people to share their ideas and collaborate?
  4. How can we create a space where people feel comfortable experimenting and taking risks?



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