Anti-Ghost Town: SD


This schematic design review was based around having a finalized concept involving structure, form, circulation, and site response, and conveying that concept to our reviewers. I believe that I did that successfully, and that the only changes I am making are minor formal and structural tweaks.


I created three diagrams showcasing form, circulation, and structure. They took the least amount of time out of all my deliverables but showed off the most information and I think they were very helpful in conveying many of my concepts.

My floorplans and section were not perfect, and suffered from a lack of clarity in lineweight and entourage. Adding entourage could help clarify the programs located in the spaces.


I involved not just my new models in the review, but my previous iterations. I think that they were very helpful in conveying my design intent as it evolved from a rough outline to a solid form, and especially the transition of my central “ghost” space from a blob to a more rectilinear space. My water bottle was also a very useful tool.

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