The Playground:SD

Last quarter I developed the playground which is focused around the idea of exploration and play for children and adults. A person is led by their own personal curiosity and want to explore.

perspective001perspective002perspective003I began investigating what and where certain programs are located. The three main floors are layered for teachers and making, visitors and showcasing, and children and learning, which are all connected through the play form.  axon009

Model1aDiagram [Converted]

Building upon this I integrated a interactive form  in which children and adults are able to play on the walls and floors and use the form as circulation. The form also becomes the structural system. Looking at Toyo Ito’s operahouse as precedent, the shotcrete form defines the different spaces within as it changes. This became integral in my project.


IMG_2927 copyIMG_2934 copyIMG_2936IMG_2937 copyIMG_2938 copyIMG_2942IMG_2944IMG_2953Moving forward I was asked to further embrace this idea of play. Although the building is made for play the other defining system doesn’t reflect it as well. The floor plates are regular and the walls within limit the play. All of my critiquers questioned this and as I integrate the structure I can further embrace the playfulness by creating a more balanced contrast in structural systems. Creating the opportunity for more interactions and creating more glimpses can promote the exploratory aspect

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