CIEDO: SD Review

Our project is the Center for the Innovation of Everyday Objects. It is a live/work project that caters to San Francisco’s unique maker community. It is a community hackerspace, providing public access to the tools and resources to enable making, experimenting, and tinkering.

An integral part of this project is the bicycle kitchen: this is a space where people can repair their bike, build a bike, socialize with other cyclists, and share knowledge and information. The bicycle kitchen connects to Crane Cove Park and Illinois St., a future extension of the San Francisco Bay Trail. This program adds bicycle infrastructure to a neighborhood that lacks this kind of space.

Bike Workshop Rendering

Bike Kitchen


Dorm-Style Living

Kitchen Sketch Rendering

The kitchen is a transitional space for residents. 

We got a lot of good feedback during our mid-review from Doug Jackson, Kent Macdonald, and Stacey White.

From Doug Jackson:

  • Bicycles (bicycle circulation) is an important part of the building program and should be further integrated and fully embraced in order to draw the public into the space. The building can become an attraction. The bicycle circulation can engage with different floors. This circulation element can define and inform spaces, and should be expressed on the building’s exterior.
  • The “slits” – cuts in the floor plate – can shift and expand. The shape can be defined by solar strategy or something else, and can create better interior lighting conditions, and a more interesting & less extruded facade.



Cuts in the floorplate bring light into the building


The cuts in the floorplate are spaces for people to circulate & engage with one another.

From Kent Macdonald:

  • Widen the Cleft – he would like to see more separation between programs & building masses.
  • The south facade “cleft” can be a primary entry point into the building
  • He suggested the kitchen could be a double-height space
  • The plan seems inefficient-a lot of corridors and too few units per floor. He suggests to move residential circulation corridor to the north wall & increase # of units per floor
  • He suggested we take another look at the 400 Grove project by  Ann Fougeron


Feedback from Stacey White:

  • Take more advantage of the “live/make separation” massing strategy.
  • Add warmth – units can have unique customizations.
  • Design details for cyclists’ ease, such as telescoping ramps on stairs. Further integrate bicycle storage infrastructure.
  • She suggested we take a look at the Mission Hall Building at UCSF by WRNS Studio.transverse_sd_reviewlongitudinal_sd_review





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