interior 01_edited

This project has evolved from two maker-space projects catering to very specific ethnic populations – Asian Americans and Syrian refugees – into a much more general cultural maker space. The building aims to bring together makers with skills in culturally diverse crafts. Traditional woodworkers, modern sculptors, contemporary digital fabricators and more can live and work together to encourage collaboration and to pass on different skills to each other. These residents host maker events where the public is invited to participate and learn from the residents to instill the presence of HAMA in the Dogpatch community. Public maker spaces and green spaces are provided to give the local community a piece of the project and encourage a sense of belonging for the public and the residents.

Form DiagramsSD Review Plans









Building Section 01Using the Japanese concept of Ma, or the respect for the space in between, this design utilizes and celebrates space between our main programs as well as space between structure and enclosure to allow for spontaneous interaction as well as programmatic spillage.


At the Schematic Design Review, a common critique was that our concept of “in-between” space was not shining through spatially. Right now, these crucial spaces appear to be left over rather than in between. We are working to clarify the spacial qualities of these spaces and create a more cohesive sense of circulation throughout the building.









Our structure also need clarification in what it supports and how it might begin to be integrated into other aspects of the building. For example, there is the opportunity to pull the primary structure away from the facade to create an occupiable cavity which could be used for circulation. We will be moving forward with how structure can begin to be expressed and define space.

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